We are Ysabel Mora and we design
collections that fit
any body and life shape.. 

We are family and as such we take care of ourselves, respect and inspire ourselves to make our day-to-day a creative challenge and to overcome.

Since 1988, the humility and energy of our founder has encouraged us to achieve our goals of quality and attention to detail. Motivated so that the company is based on the values ​​of equality, 59% of the workers are women and 57% of them occupy relevant management positions: equity, closeness and effort, are the YM bases.

We are inspired by the people who make everyday their lifestyle, without limitations, without prejudice, in any circumstance, at any time. Designs designed for the whole family, from the smallest to the most adult.

We like people and their closeness. They are as they are. That is why you will find our garments in more than 4,000 points of sale located in 43 markets around the world.


At Ysabel Mora we think that we would live much better if we felt good as we are, without the demands of a “perfect” life and body.


For this reason, we manufacture our garments in materials that adapt to any body, at any time and circumstance.

Natural cotton

Bamboo fiber




Tulle plumetti

Scottish thread



At Ysabel Mora we create lovers, taking care of every detail. We select materials that adapt to any body and need under the essence of Mediterranean design made in Valencia.

In love with the processes that allow maintaining high quality
and comfort of our garments and, above all, of our people, who
make everything come together so that our collections reach everything
the world, all the people ... whatever they are and live as they live.

Take care of your garmentsto ensure their durability and that they are as beautiful as the first day. By maintaining our garments
we contribute to the environment and to thesustainabilityof our lane.

Reducing the consumption of textile garments & consuming of consciously, we ensure a better future for all.

Follow the washing instructions of the labels We also give you some tricks so that your garments remain as the first day:

Avoid using a tumble dryer. Many of our products are made with elastane fibers, which provide flexibility and help to adapt to the shapes of the body. The intense heat from the dryer damages its fibers, causing it to lose elasticity.

Wash your garments in cold water and you will better preserve the appearance of the fabrics. In addition, hot water consumes more energy, so we also help in conserving the environment.

Do not use the iron and spread your garments carefully to avoid wrinkles during drying. Save yourself ironing your clothes and enjoy your free time!

Wash your swimwear with cold water and soap to remove traces of salt and chlorine.

Use a laundry bag when you put your delicates with lace or bath items in the washing machine.